10 ways that Public Sector Organisations can benefit from Kimble Professional Services Management

«Greater visibility of forthcoming projects and both their potential and actual effect on revenue, cost and resource utilisation»

«Increased utilisation of professional resources and increased fee contribution from each billable resource»

«Ability to create and enforce policies and standardised approached to sales, delivery, resource management, expenses, time-recording and invoicing»

«Real-time feedback on the performance of projects and teams to plan»

«Secure access via the Internet with infrastructure approved for Government use in EU/UK»

«Shared data as the whole organisation is using the same information and there is no need for duplication. Everyone uses live data with controlled read and write access according to role»

«Reduced administrative overhead saving of at least 1 head per 50 billable resources»

«Use of a simple fool-proof GUI (via browser or smart phone) for employees to enter their time and expenses which reduces errors and avoids out of policy claims»

«Increased margin (e.g. one 5000 person organization is projecting a 3% margin gain in their current financial year)»

«Much more efficient month-end close – reduced from weeks to days – and a drop in aged debts»

Felber Consulting are a major implementation partner as well as sales agent for Kimble. To date we have implemented Kimble for 35 clients in 12 countries and territories.

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Supporting Change in Sydney

Felber’s Antje Strauch has recently returned from running four Kimble workshops for Felber’s second client based in Australia. Here are some of her thoughts on her journey home …

After flying for a good 20 hours, we arrived in the centre of Sydney and felt as if we had just popped into the City of London with a few peculiar additions. It was Monday, it was a bank holiday as the Australians had taken the day off to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and it was very quiet.

That changed the next morning, when we walked to the client’s office and had to navigate through streets buzzing with people making their way to their offices. Not without stopping at their  favourite coffee place – mostly all independent, little sign of the chains dominating British streets – for their favourite coffee prepared by their favourite barista. Thus armed, the Kimble workshops could begin.

Some background: The client’s business is providing software for large institutions in the education sector. Their implementation projects can run from a few months to three years; with the odd short-term consulting assignments. In addition to that, they recently acquired another company, which provides similar software to smaller educational institutions. They employ over 200 staff. The business has grown substantially in a short period of time and this is why they are now looking to put their systems on a more professional footing.

The aim of the Kimble workshops was to work through the client’s business scenarios to ensure that the initial configuration was fit for purpose and to identify areas requiring further tweaking. We had managed to gather a group of senior staff in the client’s organisation. Their approach was very professional, pragmatic and good-humoured.

Not unexpectedly, we found that the level of familiarity with Kimble, expectations of Kimble and ways of running their part of the business varied substantially within the group. After having reviewed workings and outcomes of day 1, we adapted the format to ensure that topics common to all as well as those specific to business units were covered.

Sitting at the airport now and recalling the last four days, I can see how our work has switched on a few light bulbs as to how Kimble will support the client in putting their inner-workings on a more professional footing. Concepts such as capturing all cost related to an engagement; and not booking some of them such as travel to “overhead” pots; or measuring a consultant’s utilisation; considering how to deal with long travel days or weeks of their clients closing down in the middle of a long-term assignment; should certainly help them to further grow their business and profitability.

As with any organisation, I was fascinated by some of the client’s ways of working. They are in a similar business to ours – bringing about business change by implementing a software tool. Interestingly, they schedule their consultants centrally; typically the consultant is told which client to work on, when and where down to the day up to three months in advance. Many of our US and UK based client staff would find that incredibly prescriptive as many are only confirmed onto a job in the weeks before a client project starts. Would I, as a consultant, prefer to work like that? Do Australian clients expect and prefer their services to be managed with such precision in advance? Something to mull over on the long flight back.

For more information on how Felber Consulting can support growing, ambitious organisations take a look at our website or contact Felber Consulting at info@felberc.com or +44 (0)20 8891 5073.

The world needs more Kimble Consultants

Since 2010, Felber Consulting has been sales and delivery partner to Kimble, kimbleapps.com, the pre-eminent enterprise system for managing Professional Services Organisations.

We have been delivering to clients in the UK and overseas and we have a growing pipeline of work, in both the public and private sectors. We would like to encourage suitably experienced Associates to join our Kimble team.

We’d like to hear from those whose background includes:-

  • Experience working at a large (>50) professional services organisation, including management or functional responsibilities (eg practice management, delivery leadership, sales, billing/accounting, resource management)
  • Experience with ERP eg SAP, Oracle and/or CRM eg Salesforce
  • Experience in public sector, eg Healthcare would be useful
  • Deep experience in Salesforce is also desirable and could compensate for less experience in other areas.
  • Appreciation of the strategic requirements of a Professional Services Organisations, with the confidence to discuss the technical details of process and technology to support such a strategy.

We will provide you with full training.

Opportunities throughout the UK.

If you are interested, please contact Simon Teale, 07713 115298 or Suzanne Felber 07515 895156 for a chat.