Felber Consulting is born

As you may know, Suzanne, Simon, John and Richard were Board members of Inkberry Associates. Our most successful propositions turned out to be those supporting our clients to develop their ICT and professional services capabilities.

This included advising and coaching a Government department to transform its ICT operations capability to support a growing portfolio of new technology-based services, providing a social media business with support to re-engineer its practice management and augmenting the professional services of a number of SMEs to enable them to bid for a variety of Government contracts. We have also managed the creation and coordination of a special purpose vehicle to enable four professional service and training companies to bid for a national contract.

And as every successful business should , we have reviewed our strategy to ensure our ambitions match our strategic strengths. One result of our last review was to refocus on the more successful propositions we developed in Inkberry and the other was the decision to relaunch a company and develop a brand that supports those propositions.

Hence the birth of Felber Consulting.

For the Associates that have supported us over the last 18 months, we hope to find new ways for you to get more rewarding and ambitious work. We will continue to develop you with new services, clients and training in leading edge solutions such as Realisor and Kimble.

For our past and future clients, our focus on new leading edge propositions will provide you with efficient, effective and sustainable competitive advantages, supported with our novel solutions and our innovating commercial deals.

Meanwhile we would be pleased to hear from you, via our Felber Consulting Website (www.felberconsulting.com), or call Suzanne (07515 895156), Simon (07713 115298) or John (07766 118519). You can also follow us on Twitter @felberc and we are developing a page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FelberC and LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/felber-consulting.

We look forward to working with you all.

Thank you!

L->R: Simon Teale, Richard Humphreys, Suzanne Felber, John Perrett and Peter Taylor