Community – for me that means the world!

Denise Pavey has a passion for cross cultural working and believes that this has brought a much broader perspective to her consulting work.

My next trip abroad is to Nepal and Pakistan in February and March 2014. I have been going to that part of the world since 1992. It’s hard to answer the question ‘Why do you go’? In one way I go because it feels to me like a second home. In another way I go to see places, people and to do work. Sometimes that work is paid sometimes its unpaid. Sometimes it’s sitting listening to people, offering advice, drinking tea or even just affirming people by the mere fact I’ve bothered to visit them.

I’ve been on at least 10 consulting trips to the region. I’ve helped people in crisis both with their relationships with authority and with their finances. I’ve advised on leadership development but more often I’ve reviewed and advised on the performance and sustainability of charity organisations.

Interviewing people through an interpreter is an interesting experience particularly when the interpreter is their boss and you are trying to find out how they feel about the organisation. Being treated as an ‘honorary chap’ allows meeting with both men and women as equals. It’s helped me to better understand and appreciate different people’s viewpoints, what drives them and what is important in life.I’ve made many good friends, I’ve got an interesting second wardrobe and I can even speak some Urdu … or at least enough to get around.

This next trip will involve some funded business consulting, some unfunded work, some ‘I’m here because we care’, some catching up with old friends & situations and finally some sort of holiday!

I just can’t wait!

Denise is a Felber consultant specialising in business change, governance, strategy development and leadership mentoring. She is also a very experienced bid manager and programme manager. You can read more about Denise and about Felber Community on our website.